Dog Obedience Training: Finding the Right Instructor

By: Dan..

There are dog owners that are too problematic with their well-loved pets at home. most of these owners have dogs without proper manners and it is but normal to see owners having a great loss on how they can teach their dogs the right manners. This is the very reason why dog obedience training is very important. That way, dogs will learn the right way of following commands. This training is also ideal for dogs that have already existing manner problems.

Dog obedience training is not about letting your dogs perform artificial activities or commands, contrary to what most dog owners believed. Instead, the training is intended to train dogs to become obedient and to obey anything and everything they are told to do. To start with any dog training, it is ideal to have your dog enrolled to a club or have his own obedience instructor because most dog owners do not really know how to properly train their dogs, especially of the personality and attitude of the dog differ from their own. Most dogs have training problems. There are those that do not respond at all to tenderness or coaxing, while other melt the moment they hear a firm tone of voice. There are also dogs that are dominant and require strength of muscle and will, while others are simply very eager to please.

When you are looking for the right dog obedience instructor, always start by evaluating whether your dog is ideal for a group of class or a private lesson. To find the right instructor, try asking referrals from your pet veterinarian, from staff of an animal shelter, your dog’s breeder, or personnel from pet supply store. However, before making any choice, be sure you observe two or three dog obedience instructors and evaluate them. Once you have candidates, take time to talk to the instructor before finally making a decision.

The credentials and training records of a dog obedience training instructor should be checked as well. There are instructors who are certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors. Others are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Some have attended the National K-9 Dog Training School in Columbus and there are some that have attended seminars and trainings. Always check for their records and credentials to assure you they are well-trained and ready to handle your pets.

Once you have already enrolled your dog to a club or to a private dog obedience training instructor, observe your pets for any improvements. But keep in mind that trainings take a lot of time and the normal ten-week course is not an assurance that your dogs are already disciplined and well trained after that period.

Dog obedience training is a very crucial issue because it is all about teaching your dogs to be responsible pets at home. To know more about dog obedience training and the Top 5 Dog Obedience Training Products, visit my website below.

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