How to Choose the Right Kind of Dog

By: Pet Guy

When deciding what kind of dog to get, it’s all a matter of personal preference. There are a lot of different breeds to choose from and if you train your dog right and take care of him you will enjoy his company for many years. But no matter what kind of dog you decide to get there are a number of things to consider so that you can be happy with your choice and your pet can be happy and content as well.

For instance, where do you live? Do you live in an urban or rural area? Will your dog be kept in the house or outside in the yard? If he is kept inside, is your house or apartment big enough? Consider this one carefully. Some breeds are cute and cuddly as puppies, but grow into really large dogs. They can quickly outgrow their surroundings. You might not want a really big dog in a small house or apartment.

If you keep your dog outside, make sure your yard is big enough and you can provide adequate shelter for him out of the weather. I’ve seen many poor dogs left to the mercy of rain and cold and extreme heat because their owners didn’t provide a good place for them.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you have children, and their ages. You might not want to get a dog that’s so big the children are afraid of him or can’t handle him. And you wouldn’t want one so tiny that they can’t have fun with him. Having a pet can help to teach children how to be responsible and compassionate. It’s really great to see your children and their dog grow up together and become best friends. Some dogs are really good around children and are a joy to have around.

Through experience, (my own and others), I’ve learned that some of the best dogs are the mixed breed kind. These are the dogs that people give away when they have an
unwanted litter of puppies or the kind that you find at your local animal shelter. Some of these dogs can be very bright and loyal and really good to have around.

So don’t stress out when trying to choose a dog. You have plenty of options and if you take good care of your pet you will enjoy each other for many years.

© Copyright 2009 Charles Garnett. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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