Training An Aggressive Dog

Dogs are a man’s best friend. That has always been the belief ever since. Why not? Because of their care, loyalty and sweetness to their owners, people will have a hard time not loving them.

Unfortunately for some dog owners and some people, the dog becomes their worst enemy. Just imagine the life of the mail man. The mail man has been always portrayed in movies or cartoons as a biting post of dogs. This is not a stupid joke. I have a n uncle who worked as a mail man and got bitten by a dog.

In fact, there are more people aside from mailmen that get victimized by dog bites. Every year there are 4.7 million people that get bitten by dogs. Among the 4.7 million people that get bitten, 17% needs medical attention. Also, 10-20% of tragic bite victims are killed by dog bites.

Since this has been a growing problem, certain breeds have been banned in some U.S. states. Here are the top 10 breeds that cause dog bites in no particular order. Rottweilers, pit bulls, huskies, German shepherds, Dobermans, malamutes, St. Bernards, chow chows, Akitas and Great Danes.

The dog’s behavior of being aggressive or non-aggressive greatly depends on the owner’s responsibility and training of the dog. Here are several steps that the owners can take to make their dog safe around other people.

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