Doberman Training & What You Need To Know About Your Doberman Training

The Doberman pinscher has been one of my favorite breed of dogs since I was a little boy growing up in a family of dog trainers and breeders. This breed is one of the brightest, most loyal, compassionate, and family oriented dogs on the planet, despite the negative media attention that seems to have recently followed them. So when it comes to Doberman training, what exactly needs to be looked out for, and why?

Well before specific training methods can be answered, the personality and traits of the Doberman pinscher need to be looked at, so as to understand what makes the dog “click”.

– The Doberman has many very well noted and recognized traits about its character, but few are as notable as their amazing bravery and loyalty. These are dogs that were breed for this purpose, and have been used as companions for soldiers all around the world for over a century. This makes the Doberman fearless and able to withstand some training methods that other breeds could simply not endure. Keep this in mind when you undergo Doberman training.

– The Doberman is a breed that is EXTREMLY active and thrives on exercise and physical and mental stimulation. This is a trait that is extremely important to remember. You can not train this dog in a boring or mundane way. This rule’s out trying to properly train a Doberman in your living room.

– The Doberman is a VERY assertive and confident breed of dog, this does NOT mean aggressive though. Because of this natural trait, the owner too must be a confident and assertive individual who can properly put their Doberman into place if they get out of hand, but NEVER hit you dog! It is important that the owner and breed match (this is true for all breeds) or problems during training and home life may pose to be an issue.

– Again it must be noted that when approaching Doberman training, it is wise to stimulate this breed with a lot of out door activities such as running, fetching, romping around and playing outside in general. This is a very active breed that simply needs these things.

These are only a few things that need to be known about the Doberman and it’s training before you start training this breed. It is very highly recommend, not just from my training and breeding experience, but by many other trainers, that you seek out and acquire all the needed information to undergo Doberman training properly.

It is also very important to mention that this breed, just like many others needs to be trained in a way that is specific to its personality and traits. You simply can not just train a Doberman like you would a Cocker Spaniel and expect good results to come of it, so make sure that you’re armed with the right information on the right training methods for this breed before you start training…it will pay off very well.

It’s hard enough trying to find the needed information for Doberman training; it’s even harder finding information that is specific for this breed. Don’t waste you’re time and energy looking in the wrong places…you’re Doberman is just sitting there wagging its tail and waiting

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